Dead Heart

Image of a stabbed heart

— A black heart is a person that has no “ SOUL”, it’s Purely just black. In other words, it’s “ CORRUPTED”. It has no “ Chastity” or any.. “goodness” in them. — Angela Chapman via Quora

— Hearts like the above end that way from past failures, and being treated unfairly, and not loved or so I thought.”

— I’m heading towards that plane, every day my morals are questioned, I turn to God sometimes and man's blank. The trials and test keeps piling up

— I feel nothing, and also blame myself for exploring love, I mean I’m not even angry anymore, Everything I believed about love just went out the trash, some days I try so hard to even show emotions to the one who fancies me, but boy is that a facade.

— I don’t know what I have become, but I feel the life leaving my heart, the color from bright red to dark red like a chronic smoker, and I don’t even smoke.

— I sought God's guidance to help me on this journey but mans forsaken me, the past five days I’ve been a soulless machine. I just smile at every sweet thing that is said to me, why my Alter ego in the background screams Liar‼️‼️‼️

— I am lost, but I think I like where I am, I just need to register myself as a proper citizen of this new community I found myself in.

— The pain is deep it strikes me so badly, it feels like a sword thrusting back and forth within my heart.

— It feels bad I thought to myself, would love, failing, or just being ignored cause this much pain.

— Well !!!, I’m glad you read to this line, and my doctor just told me I had an ulcer, I’ll be fine, it's not breakfast(heartbreak) or any of those things you were thinking, a boy just had an ulcer, and overthought.

— Welcome to my breakfast club 🤗

— Go for a check-up today, your health should be the priority.

Thank you!



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