I Deserve Better


Hello guys, how are you feeling today?

I’ve been stoked with work the past week, building a new product for my company while taking online courses in Javascript and Python Frameworks, The growth I keep witnessing in myself is leaving me super excited for the future.

But that’s not why I am writing today, I mean it's that time of the year.

A lot of people have been going on a ranting spree about how they were served breakfast by their ex-lovers. Amidst the joke and cruise behind every word, you can see the sadness, the guilt, self-doubt on not being enough hidden in-between every line written.

I had my fair share of breakfast in December 2020, I almost questioned my self-worth but I scaled through with the help of my friends, some people are not so lucky to scale through that phase.

I Just want to put it to you reading this that you are and will always be enough, while I send you virtual warm hugs.

Let me define what breakfast means in the Nigerian Slang context.

Chop breakfast/ serve breakfast

It literally means we will all (eventually) have breakfast. Colloquially, it has come to mean this life na ‘turn by turn’ and everyone will definitely have a taste of everything, especially heartbreak.

On social media, when someone says “She/he don chop breakfast” or “She/he has been served breakfast”, it simply means his/her heart has been broken.

This definition was gotten from The Nation Ng

This past week I’ve had a couple of conversations and gotten a couple of responses in a bid to understand better.

After all of these, they all can be summarized to one answer “I deserve better”.

What does it mean to deserve better / more?

To be worth better things or better treatment than you are getting

Macmillian Dictionary defines.

I believe strongly that if you decide to be with someone, it is your moral obligation to see it through and not be an arse serving people breakfast all in the name of deserving better.

You literally are leaving a wake of broken people in your quest for something better.

It's totally okay to want a partner who will meet your financial needs, maybe take you around the world and buy you all sorts.

What is not okay is breaking people on this quest.

I’ll be sharing a couple of responses from people when they were asked about deserving better

Person 1 Male :

It’s partly greed. A lot of us are living in our heads. See at 25 and above you most likely have met the woman you can marry especially if you have been part of the dating pool from at least 18.

The problem is we have this picture of what it’s supposed to look like in our heads.

Person 2 Male :

Relationships will always lean towards finance because every day we go out and we see what we don’t wish to be. It’s the reality, it’s not the female's or male's fault. It’s our society, you have 2 options, get your money up and get any woman you want or marry a foreigner that doesn’t share our reality. Full stop.

Person 3 Female:

Who doesn’t want to go slow or rsvp or go to Seychelles 😂 imagine maybe her partner is only Olaiya(A budget-friendly food and catering service in Nigeria) he buys for her. Who doesn’t like bone straight?

Person 4 Male:

Love is always and has never been enough at any point. Ladies will pick financial status over love. They will tell you they didn’t love you from birth, it grew so it will grow with the other person too

To all the people who have been served breakfast: You will love again and it will be another beautiful experience better than your last as long as you always remember to act right or pray for the grace to act right in all you do.

As much as we try to deny it, there will always be someone better than your current partner… does that mean it's okay to serve people breakfast because you think the next person will be better for you?

Gbogbo wa la ma je breakfast Literally 😁 😁 😁

I’ll appreciate your thoughts in the comment section thanks.

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Thank you!






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